Cacao Party!

Raw Cacao Dance Party – Superhero Theme!

Saturday 1st June, 2013; 7.30pm – Midnight

*We have turned off the online sales, but tickets are available at the door! You are welcome to join us!

To celebrate our incredible Melbourne events, on the Saturday night we will be partying in style with live music / world DJ taking us on a rhythmic journey of the senses as we get energised with raw cacao drinks and a decadent array of chocolate goodies to keep us dancing through the night. The Dance Party is strictly an alcohol and drug free event, and is going to be a really fun night!


We have set a Superhero Theme for the Dance Party – so get your fancy dress costumes out and join us as we dress up as our favourite superhero! We already have Batman, Girl Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Black Widow, The Joker, Captain America, Thor, The Riddler and Jesus coming along!


The Dance Party starts at 7.30pm with David Wolfe (a.k.a. Chocolate Pope Avocado Cacao) presiding over a Raw Cacao Celebration Ceremony to honour the sacred bean.

David Fire

Following the ceremony and a short talk on chocolate – the greatest superfood ever – we get our groove on and party through the night, high on cacao and awesome superfood energy! This event is not part of the Melbourne complete package, as there are only limited spaces for the party and tickets need to be purchased separately. The party ticket price includes entry, one Raw Cacao Ecstatic Drink, and superfood drinks and raw snacks will be available for purchase during the night.

David Wolfe Party


Raw Cacao Dance Party!

Saturday 1st June, 2013; 7.30pm – midnight


Kindred Studios
212A Whitehall
St, Yarraville, Victoria 3013

Leisa Wheeler
info {at}


Tickets are available at the door!