Frequently Asked Questions

I saw David in 2011– is it going to be different this year?

Of course!  No two lectures of David’s are ever the same, and over the past two years David has been researching tirelessly and speaking with experts from all over the world to bring you new information in his 2013 tour.

Is the Sydney event going to offer different information, or should I just go to my local Brisbane / Melbourne / Adelaide / Perth event?

I believe you can never get enough information from David, and there is going to be different information shared at the two day Sydney Weekend Conference, than there is going to be at any of the other events.  Having the two day time frame, means that David can get deeper into some of the topics that he wouldn’t have time for at the three hour, or even the full day events.  Besides that, the Sydney Weekend Conference is going to be huge!  With people coming from all over to attend, it will be a vibe like no other – just to be in that room is going to be an experience not to be missed!

I live in New Zealand and am thinking about coming to the Sydney event.  Is it suitable for people who have to travel to get there?

Yes, absolutely!  We deliberately designed the Sydney Weekend Conference so that people could come from everywhere around Australia, New Zealand and even further afar!  We’ve chosen to go to UNSW which is located only 10km from Sydney airport, and the Kensington area has a range of styles of accommodation to suite any budget – in Kensington / Randwick itself or nearby Coogee Beach.  We’ve also deliberately kept the price of the event low, and very affordable, so that people can easily travel to Sydney and make a short holiday out of it.

The best idea is to arrive on Thursday and check in to your accommodation. Then you have all day Friday free to explore Sydney before coming along to the signature three-hour event on the Friday night.  Kensington is only 15 minutes from the main CBD, and from there you can walk to the Harbour, visit the Opera House, shop, and take in the city sights.

We then start the weekend conference on Saturday morning, with full days on Saturday and Sunday, before finishing at 5.30 on the Sunday evening. The Sydney Event will also be hosting an awesome variety of local sponsors showcasing their products – from superfoods & superherbs to organic skin care & grounding equipment; from Sacred Heart chocolates to local raw food stall holders, who will give you a fantastic choice of dining options over the weekend without having to
leave the pavilion.

Personally, I would stay the Sunday night too, and join us on Monday afternoon for a cruise around Sydney Harbour – fully catered, and a great way to finish the weekend, by spending some one-on-one time with David in a luxurious and exclusive setting.  I hope that answers your question, and that we get many, many people travelling to Sydney for this premier event!

I don’t have a Paypal account – how do I buy tickets?

When you select your purchase it will take you to a check-out page.  Tick the Terms and Conditions box and click on the Paypal button.  You will then go to a page where you can choose to pay by credit card if you don’t have a Paypal account.

I don’t like paying by credit card online, is there any other option?

Yes.  If you really don’t want to pay by Paypal or credit card, you can make a deposit directly into the Embracing Health Bank Account.  However, you must mark who the payment is from very clearly, and then send me an e-mail with the date, the amount deposited, the events paid for, and the name of the people attending the event.  Without this information I cannot allocate the funds to any one person and it will be very difficult to track.  So if you do use this option, please make the information very clear in an e-mail to me at

National Australia Bank
Embracing Health Pty Ltd
BSB 084-852
Account: 131-930-101

Are there physical tickets issued?

No, tickets are not sent out. The name of the person who purchased the tickets will be at the door. So if you purchased four tickets for yourself and your friends, let your friends know that the tickets will be under your name at the door. For example if Mr John Blueberry purchased four tickets, his name will be listed four times at the door, so your friends need to give his name when they arrive and they will be crossed off and let into the event.

What are the seating arrangements?

There are no numbered or specific seating arrangement for the tour – it is a first-in, best-dressed scenario. We will check your name off at the door as you enter the lecture theatre, and then you will be able to choose your seat from there. We do not reserve seats or put aside seats in the front row, so if you do want to sit at the front, it may be best to arrive a little early, although we will not be opening the doors until half an hour before the event starts, so please don’t arrive two hours prior as we will not be there yet!!

How do I know if the events are sold out or close to selling out?

We have booked bigger venues for this tour, so there should be plenty of tickets available. If we are getting down to the last 20 tickets, you will clearly see that stated on the website. If an event is sold out (as will happen with the smaller events such as the Harbour Cruise, the Permaculture Day and the Hot Springs Trip), it will be clearly stated, and you will not be able to click on the Paypal button to order a ticket. So if you can book online, then that means there are tickets left!

How do I know how to get to the event?

On each page of this website you will find information on getting to the event – the address of the venue, a map and information on parking and public transport. Everything you need should be listed on the relevant page. If you need more information than is listed – Mr Google likely has the answer!

Will Davids books and other products be available for sale?

Yes, David will be bringing with him all of his books, and some select superfood products such as Dragon Herb products, Mushroom Extract, MSM and Fulvic Acid just to name a few!  We’re also planning to bring the Sacred Chocolates back as well, which were such a hit on the earlier tours.  There will also be sponsors of the tour with certain products that fall in line with David’s philosophies and values as well.

Will David sign my book and stop for a chat?

Most definitely!  As many would be aware from the 2010 / 11 events, David goes out of his way to chat to everyone, signs books, and answers questions in the breaks and after the events.

I am from the media and would love to promote the tour – who do I contact?

Justine McKell from Justine McKell Media is handling all PR and Media enquiries. You can contact her at info {at} justinemckellmedia.com or on 0415-144-407. Or alternatively you can e-mail Leisa at info {at} davidwolfeaustraliantour.com and please know that all media enquiries will be supported.  David is more than happy to do phone interviews prior to his 2013 tour, and is also available once he arrives here in May for in person interviews – magazine, radio, or television.