Meet Brian & Alora

Soul Fire Creations

Brian & Alora

Brian and Alora from Soul Fire, have a creative musing relationship. “Our passion is to provide intimate spaces to enrich and nurture the sacred within all of us; restoring you to a natural state of being that is in harmonious relationship with all.”  Home to both Spirit Journey Adventure Retreats and the creation of inspiring and uplifting music, Brian and Alora are hosting us on the David Wolfe Kakadu Adventure Retreat.

As well as hosting adventure retreats and immersing in music, they both share a passion for the healing and creative arts. They offer personal healing sessions, or sessions to small intimate groups; providing sacred spaces for transformation. Through their own experience they have found these group sessions a potent way to reveal what is latent & hidden within you, thus opening and clearing way to experience the sublime & your essential connection to nature and beauty. Together they bring 55yrs of extensive experience with a diverse background in a kaleidoscope of healing modalities.

Brian and Alora have an amazing affinity for the Kakadu Region, having traveled there many times, becoming connected with this ancient land and understanding better than most, the ways of the traditional owners and the sacredness of this spectacular place. With intimate knowledge of the best spots – on and off the beaten track – they will guide us through what is going to be an incredible journey, showcasing this area to David and his guests on the retreat.

Whale Adventure Retreat Testimonial

“Our journey through the waters of Hervey Bay was not just a journey to connect with the ancient whales that swim and play there but also a journey to our own hearts. A journey to connect with our souls.In our days sailing we found whales and turquoise waters, glistening sands, picture perfect beaches but mostly we found love. A group of strangers became a team and a team became friends. We grew and transformed and discovered the peace of living in the present and with the presence of the ocean.

Alora and Brian nurtured our body with gourmet organic food and feed our souls with joy and adventure. Each day unfolded perfectly from sublime petal-pink dawns to full moon nights. We swam and walked and played and laughed and ate and talked and called and cried to the beautiful whales.Who could ask for more.

This  journey with Soul Fire awakened my heart and took me to a place of deep connectedness. I have attended workshops and ashrams but the time on our boat was one of the most profound experiences I have had. I confronted my patterns and fears and found peace, acceptance and bliss. It was a boat of sweet, simple pure love.

Thank you to both of you for holding the space for all of us.”

J. Walker, NSW