Meet Leisa

Leisa Wheeler is the Australian co-ordinator for the David Wolfe Tour and is the local point of contact for all tour events.

info {at}  or 1800-842-726


Leisa is the founder and director of Embracing Health, a business dedicated to bringing you health information that can change your life.

Leisa knew from a very young age that her future was going to be in the healing profession, and her journey exploring the field of natural medicine in all its facets began in earnest as a teenager.

With personal excellence in all areas the ultimate goal (health, personal development, relationships and financial); a search began that encompassed learning in a variety of modalities and developed into a passion.

Diet and nutrition, physical fitness, emotional release work, hands-on healing, meditation, self-development, and metaphysics training ultimately lead Leisa to qualifications in naturopathy, herbal medicine, homoeopathy, electrotherapy and massage.

She achieved outstanding grades throughout her education and was awarded Student of the Year for earning the highest academic results among her peers. With a voracious appetite for reading and learning, the search continues as Leisa looks deeper into the healing process at not just a physical level, but at an emotional and spiritual level, with special interest in the mind / body connection in healing.

Leisa also has a diploma in freelance journalism and has written for numerous health magazines. She writes a popular blog and offers a membership club for people wanting more detailed information on health, where she writes a monthly magazine and produces regular audio lectures and interviews.

Leisa spent several years coaching people through an intensive detoxification program as the naturopath at one of Australia’s leading health retreats, and from there went on to develop her own retreat program – the Embracing Life! Detox, Healing and Raw Food Retreats, which she takes to different venues around Australia and in Bali.

Leisa has also produced her own DVD entitled “The Emotional Aspects of Healing” – an hour and twenty minute lecture covering the mind / body connection in healing, where Leisa shares some of her own powerful story in overcoming trauma to lead a successful, healthy life.

As a naturopath Leisa specialises in thyroid, adrenal and hormonal issues and will be developing a lecture series around these topics in the near future. She currently speaks at local chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia support groups and is currently writing a book on these disorders – The ‘F’ Word Solution.

Leisa’s goal is to empower and inspire people with knowledge to make change in their lives so that they can experience better physical, emotional and spiritual health.

She enjoys mentoring people through their health challenges by educating them about raw food, food as medicine and the emotional aspects of healing.



Leisa can be contacted by email on info {at}